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A propos de la traduction BARDAHL curative circuit cleaner - 125 ml curative

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22 March 2018
This product:
- Cleans all components in the circuit.
- Eliminates dust, bacteria, fungi and other organism.
- Removes bad odours.
- Protects the evaporator and the heater radiator from corrosion.
- Purifies and sanitises theair circuit.
- Lightly scents your passenger compartment.

A propos de la traduction Bardahl purifying engine compartment cleaner - 125 ml aerosol

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In stock, shipped tomorrow
22 March 2018
Step 2


Clean the vehicle - Close the windows - Start the engine - Air-Con OFF - Cold max - Air re-circulation ON - Open the air vents - Shake vigorously - Pull back the tab - Push and then screw until you hear the "click" - Place the aerosol on the passenger side - Exit the vehicle and leave to act for 15 mins. Then air out t

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