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A propos de la traduction 12V Butane/Propane Gas Alarm

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28 May 2018
Warns of gas leaks, 85 dB acoustic alarm.
Fitting height for ambient propane/butane detection should be between 20 340 cm above the ground.
Wall fitting.
Technical information: 12V voltage, uses 100mA current. Operating temperature: -10/50°C.
Dimensions :115x70x60 mm.

A propos de la traduction THITRONIC carbon monoxide detector

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28 May 2018
Installation near sleeping area recommended for better monitoring.
Integrated buzzer produces 85 dB >= 1 m.
Conforms with standard EN50291.
Estimated lifespan : 5 years.
Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).
Dimensions : 37 x 51 x 37mm.

A propos de la traduction Détecteur gaz CBE MTG/G gris.

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Détecteur gaz CBE MTG/G gris.
Il vous protège contre la diffusion de gaz soporifique et GPL.
Livré avec entourage cache-vis et entretoise de montage.
Hauteur pour la détection de gaz propane de montage: environ 20-40cm au-dessus du sol.
Coloris gris anthracite.
Tension 12V.
Température (mini/maxi): -10 ° C à +40 ° C
Humidité 30% - 95%.
Alarme sonore : 90 dB.

A propos de la traduction LINNEPE TriGas gas alarm

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28 May 2018
LINNEPE Trigas alarm. Voltage: 12V.
The alarm detects soporific gases, propane/butane (GPL), carbon monoxide (CO).
Visual and sound operation
Visual: green - standby/availabl

red - alarm sounding.
Alarm sound: 80dB.
It emits a visual and audible warning (85dB/3m).
Easy-to-use detector: activate and deactivate simply by pressing.
Calibration time after activation: 3 minutes.
Dimensions (LxHxD): 9 x 5 x 9cm.

A propos de la traduction MagicSafe MSG 150 DOMETIC 12/24V Gas Alarm

Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
Efficiently detects noxious gases in the surrounding air.
In the event that gas is detected (ether, chloroform, butane, ethane, trichlorethylene, etc.), an alarm sounds immediately.
A red warning lights flashes simultaneously.
It can be used to trigger external alarms of up to 10A.
By pressing the button, the alarm switches off.
The button is also used to ensure that the alarm is working properly (test operation).
Detect self-cleaning gas.
Can be set down or attached.
Colour: black
Consumption approx: 80mA.
Output breaking capacity: 10A.
Comes with cigar lighter cable.
Voltage: 12/24V.
Dimensions (LxHxD): 80x156x51mm.
Weight: 250g.

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